I LOVE THIS. This may be the greatest home building prank of-all-time. And you gotta love that this guy is in for the long game. Hell, this Houston, TX home builder will more than likely never even get to know for sure if this prank ever pays off.


You guys remember the Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman movie "The Prestige"? Yeah, I only ever watched bits and pieces. My big take away from the film though was the magician's definition of "The Prestige."

Jay explained that The Prestige is the payoff, the third act of any magic trick. First comes The Pledge: The magician shows you something relatively ordinary, like a dove. Second is The Turn: The magician takes the dove and makes it do something extraordinary, like disappear.

The Prestige is the entire reason you do the trick, or in this case the prank. And the biggest flex ever? Just walking away before it's even realized. It's like when an action hero walks away from the explosion he just cause without ever looking back at it.

Levi Homes is flexing on all of us here, hard. His home builder prank is going viral and has everyone wishing they could time travel. Have you seen this?

50 years from today someone will tear out this kitchen. And this cabinet which fills out and empty space will get the whole neighborhood on their feet. I wish I could travel in time to see the face expression of that poor guy that will pull the countertop off of that cabinet. - Levin Homes

Perhaps we'll never see the prestige in this case. But at times like this, perhaps, the setup is The Prestige. Way to go Levi Homes. Y'all available for work in the East Texas area? This is a company I want to do business with -- well, at least get a quote from.

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