As long as the lights and tinsel are stripped off of your tree, you can recycle it.  Here's how.

The Ellen Trout Zoo wants the used trees to help animal habitats, and all you have to do is drop off your tree at the zoo to be part of the program.  Volunteers will do the rest.

The tree has to be free of decorations, and of course, out of its tree stand.  Then you can drop off your tree at either the Ellen Trout Zoo admission area or the administration building, and workers at the zoo will put the trees in some of the animal habitats.

While you're dragging your evergreen tree to the street, the rest of us will be boxing up our fake trees and hauling them to the attic.  No matter which you have, this is the least fun part of Christmas!  It was so much more exciting to put up the tree.  But it looked good while it lasted.

By the way, you have another week or so to drop off your tree at the zoo.  And hopefully the fake trees are down by Valentine's Day.

For more information, call the Ellen Trout Zoo at (936) 633-0399.