Fish apparently like chicken.

One Texas couple had a chicken McNugget to spare, so they used it as bait and hauled in a record-breaking catch.  This might give you some ideas for next year's Big Bass Bash at Lake Palestine.

Matthew McNellis and his girlfriend were fishing over in Ennis, near Dallas earlier this month and they weren't having much luck, so they decided to switch up the bait.  Why mess with lures when you can use a McDonald’s chicken nugget to attract the bass, and boy did they.  It didn't take long for one big fish to sniff out that treat that he'd probably never encountered before.

The McNugget ended up attracting a 24.5-inch-long bass that weighed in at nearly 11 pounds. The Highview Marina said it was the biggest bass catch in Lake Bardwell history.

And McNellis and his girlfriend let the big guy go.  They released the fish back into the lake so he could live to hunt for chicken another day.

What's the strangest thing that you've ever used for bait, that worked?  McNellis says he might try Wendy's french fries next. He's an equal opportunity fast food fisherman.

Bass have apparently been talking in their schools, and they're getting wise to our fake lures and phony worms.  Fish want chicken, apparently. And we'll be watching at next year's Big Bass Bash fishing tournament to see if the McNugget idea catches on at Lake Palestine.

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