This is going to be a heck of a fish story. For East Texans, fishing for bass or catfish is the thing to do in our many East Texas lakes, ponds and rivers. Some adventurous fishermen and women will head out into the Gulf of Mexico and try to catch some bigger and more exotic fish. Others like to go after those odd fish, like gar. A couple of fishermen in South Texas made a somewhat scary but very rare catch recently.

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For some, fishing for gar is fun. They are certainly an interesting fish species. If seen out of the corner of your eye, they could look like an alligator, hence alligator gar. A couple of fishermen were in a South Texas marsh recently and caught a gar that is not only rare but kinda scary looking from the pictures they snapped of the catch.

Well… me and terrell found out melanistic gar do exist yesterday..

Posted by Lotus Guide Service on Monday, May 16, 2022

Justin Jordan is the owner of Lotus Guide Service and was out fishing for redfish with another fisherman, Terrell Maguire. That's when Justin spotted the gar in the water. Terrell threw out a crab fly and the gar latched on to it. Justin started snapping pictures as Terrell was reeling the fish in. When they got it pulled into the boat, that's when they discovered it was a rare black gar.

Me and Terrell were fly fishing for redfish on my boat when we saw it lurking. He threw a little crab fly at it and the thing chomped it.

What is a black gar?

Its a melanistic condition where the gar has excess amounts of pigment. The pigment mixes with various amino acids to make the black color.

Justin Jordan estimated that the gar was about five feet long. The fishermen released the gar back into the marsh. Really cool catch gentlemen and you've got the proof to back up this fish story.

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