Natives of Lufkin, or even people that have spent a little bit of time in Lufkin know exactly what I'm talking about when I mention not liking the intersection of Timberland and 1st St. That's right, the one over by McDonald's and Carl's Jr.

But not many of those people that know what I'm talking about are forced to deal with it EVERYDAY. However, the problem for me is that this awful intersection is located RIGHT. OUTSIDE. OF. THE. RADIO. STATION. Don't believe me? Take a look:


That's right, this picture was taken from the sidewalk in front of our building. I will say that the landscaping they've done on that intersection is really nice, but it doesn't make the intersection any easier to navigate, just more pleasing to the eyes as you slam on the brakes to avoid the guy running the stop sign.

Yes, there are some other rough stretches of road within the city limits, like the Tulane overpass, and even on the outskirts of Lufkin, like where the new construction of the loop has taken place.

However, the spot where Timberland and 1st meet still gets my vote for absolute worst in Lufkin. If you don't agree with me, sound off in the comments and let me know where you think there is a worse intersection.


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