Texas has to claim this story.  A guy stood outside a loose letter "P" at a Walmart, hoping that part of the pharmacy sign would fall on his head so he could sue the store.

Did it work?

It happened in Edinburg, outside of McAllen near Brownsville last week, showing that Texans have weird ways of celebrating Valentine's Day.  Manuel Garcia of Weslaco must be single.

His photo quickly spread on social media, showing him standing underneath the dangling letter "P" two days in a row, with a change of clothes and everything as a way of showing the world he was in it for the long haul.

The sign never fell, and no one really knows if he was completely serious about his goal. But it's proof that Texans are weird sometimes, and if he was just kidding, he might be a fun and witty guy to invite to your next party.

Walmart didn't comment much, other than to say they're glad he drew attention to the need for maintenance, so they can get that dangling sign fixed.  Nice work Manuel.

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