Here's food for thought for those who can't stop wondering if Hillary Rodham Clinton will run for President again.  Some Democrats say their party's nomination is hers for the asking, and a new poll indicates she would win the election hands down. 

A new Time magazine poll shows Hillary Clinton could easily defeat any of the major Republican candidates by margins of nearly 2 to 1 IF she could somehow become the Democratic nominee for President.

The poll of likely voters in a general election shows Clinton leads Mitt Romney 55% to 38%; Rick Perry 58% to 32%; and Herman Cain 56% to 34%.

At the same time, the same poll also found that incumbent President Obama would edge Romney by just 46% to 43%, Perry by 50% to 38% and Cain by 49% to 37% among likely voters.

Clinton --- who lost the 2008 nomination fight to Obama -- says she has no interest in another White House run.

Parsing that statement, it can be noted that she didn't say she WILL NOT run again.  She only said she "has no interest" in running.

That's "politico-speak" that means she's not interested now, but she's leaving the door open to the possibility if the political winds are blowing in the same direction.

But, if she doesn't jump into the race next year, there's always 2016.

via Poll: Clinton favored over 2012 GOP candidates.

It's worth noting there's been a lot of recent stories about a growing epidemic of "buyer's remorse" in the Democratic Party.  A lot of unhappy Democrats are saying openly that they wish they'd nominated Clinton instead of Obama.

The down-low is that Hillary is biding her time, and waiting to see how far down Obama's polling sinks as the election season goes on.  It's said that if the party's chances of winning appear dark enough, Hillary would accept a draft at the National Convention and win the nomination without ever campaigning for it.

And if this new Time magazine poll is accurate, she would win the election in a landslide.