It probably happens more often than you might think.  People sometimes get lost in a complicated corn maze.  After all, what good is a corn maze if it's so easy people don't get confused and lost?

This story comes to us from Massachusetts.


Getting lost in a corn maze is supposed to be fun, but it turned into a nightmare for a Massachusetts couple who got so turned around they had to be rescued by the police.

It all started Monday when the couple, and their 3-week old baby, went into a corn maze on a farm a few miles north of Boston.

After about an hour in the maze, it was getting dark and the man and woman were still trying to find their way out.  They finally made a desperate call to 911 asking to be rescued. It took police with a K-9 unit only a few minutes to arrive and find them.  So all's well that ends well.

The people who designed this particular maze say it takes up about 8 acres  and usually takes people just under an hour to wind their way through it.  A spokeswoman says she's never heard of someone getting so lost police had to come find them.  This was a first.

Maybe they encountered Kevin Costner and some old time baseball players playing baseball.  Who knows?

You really have to wonder about some people.  And people like this are allowed to drive cars, and vote.


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