We've been getting reports that our local police departments have been stepping up patrols around Lufkin, Hudson, Burke, Diboll and Nacogdoches. Even the local Sheriff, Constables, and DPS have been seen in numbers higher than usual. This time of year property theft goes way up. This is the one thing that we really rely on our local departments to keep up on. Nothing is more disturbing than an invasion of your home or property, even if you aren't there.

If they are out patrolling neighborhoods, looking for issues, and possible theft, they are doing their job. If you speed past them at over 15 MPH over the speed limit, then you become the job. So please remember to be mindful of your speed. I like to drive the speed limit around town, so this goes both ways. Too slow, can also cause accidents, and warrant unwelcome attention to you.

I don't think our professional police forces around the area are really doing the Double Time December. But if guys are volunteering to take more overtime, to make Christmas happen for their kids, you could possibly notice more law enforcement. I do know that shoplifting, and domestic disturbances are up around the area.

Oh also, don't speed because it's dangerous, and nobody wants to lose a loved one during the holidays.

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