The Grinch is trying to steal Christmas for one New Jersey family.

According to WTKR, home owners Tom and Kris Apruzzi spend three months each year setting up more than 300,000 lights to decorate their home for the holidays and now the city is trying to rain on their 15-year tradition.

City officials are trying to charge them $50,000 which would breakdown to $2,000 a day which would go towards police security, and bus transportation to cut the traffic their light show would bring this year.

Apruzzi was very vocal about the NEW charges,

I'm not taking it down.  It’s my religious right and my First Amendment right. I do this for the veterans and everything else like that. If people have a problem with that, I can’t say anything about it. There are people that are going to be happy, and there are always people that are going to be unhappy.

The Apruzzis said they are trying to crowdfund to cover the cost.  Their light show started on Saturday (December 1st) and will continue to go on whether or not their goal is met.


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