With some love, a little luck, and a popular phone game, a loving dog now has a new lease on life.

Pokey the pooch was found July 9th behind Kurth Memorial Library, with 1 shattered rear leg and the other leg had a hair line fracture. A lot of press has been given to this little dog. The reason this one stray dog got so much attention over all the other pets found all around the world and put in shelters,  is because he was found by someone playing Pokemon' Go. After the person found the helpless pup, they got some assistance from a local pizza man, but that's where then real work began.

The folks that found Pokey had no choice but to call animal control. Wendy’s Misfits, a local rescue pulled him that following Monday and transported him to a local vet. Over $2,000 was raised in less than 48 hrs to get his surgery done. It was performed on July 19th thanks to the donations.

Pokey now has pins in both legs and is waking on them now, and expected to make a full recovery. Pokey was already adopted by local resident, and he got a new new name Klaus.  So now you know the entire story! Wendy’s Misfits rescues the worst of the worst. Our motto is “ Saving one Misfit at a Time.” You can still help all of the work that they do by clicking here on their go fund me page.