This parade has been cancelled due to lack of participation. Things are going to be different this year at the City of Lufkin Lighted Christmas Parade. Having a parade in a pandemic in the traditional way, just isn't a good look for the City. They have opted for a stationary display of all the floats. You drive around the parade, so knowing the route is pretty critical.

City Of Lufkin
City Of Lufkin

They have viewer (that's us) lineup starting at 4pm on Jackson Avenue, and overflow backing up Angelina Street. This event is on Monday, December 7th, 2020.  If you work or shop in the area, just know that most of downtown and South Angelina Street will be closed up starting a little back from Denman Avenue.

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The parade starts at 6:30pm, so if you are in line at 4pm...that's 3 hours of sitting still before you can drive through the parade. I would have to get out and stretch my legs. Possibly 4 hours in the car for your family might be too much. That is a worst case scenario, and you don't have to be first in line.

The Angelina County courthouse isn't lit just yet, but I did hear there were inmates starting to work on it. That being said, the parade is bypassing the usual route in front of the courthouse, and opting a pass in front of Rudolph the red nose pumping unit.

Lufkin Police will be along the route to make sure all of the motorists are driving their vehicles in a safe way. The first lifted diesel truck with big offsets that rolls  coal on a float I was sitting on with my kid, I would flip out. The 10th, and I might hope that someone would do something about it. Hopefully that won't happen.

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