We have been talking about getting paddle boats at Ellen Trout Lake for a very long time. The wait is over, lets get to paddling! This is not a controversial practice at a local elementary school. This is all about fun.

Nothing says summer fun like paddle boats at the lake. Summer Paddle Boat rentals on Ellen Trout Lake are going on now. Get your tickets at the Zoo Admissions booth. Paddle for 30min is just  $5.00 per person and only $4.50 per person for FOETZ members

If you have ever used a paddle boat, you will find that 30 minutes is about all you can paddle. This is all about leg power. So skip leg day and head out the to the zoo. Looks like they are all 2 seat paddle boats, so bring multiple captains, if you have lots of kids. Anyone that can fit into the provided life vests can ride.

If you are looking for something to do after you walk the entire zoo, and want a little more cardio, get out on the lake. Just make sure you don't fall in! If you do, you might want to get back into the boat quickly. There are some small gators in the lake, this ain't Disney World.

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