I have seen lots of people on social media having issues with getting online today to get some great deals on Amazon Prime. There is a workaround that you might have forgotten. Though most people having issues, are on cell phones, you might just be able to get the things you like, and help Ellen Trout Zoo.

Smile is the Amazon site, that works like Amazon, but also gives a percentage of your purchases to the charity of your choice. Now some of the deals on things like Amazon Fire TV Sticks, might still hang up. But the majority of the things I clicked on ended up in my cart.

I even tried it from my phone, and it seemed to help, and worked better than just going into Amazon the normal way. I always try to remember to go this site anytime I am on Amazon, so I feel a little better about buying things that I might not really need. I can always know that long after the thing that I bought is no longer useful to me, I made a difference.

I am know that is not a great way to defend meaningless consumerism, but I'll take what I can get. As long as I get it for $100 off on Prime Day.

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