Ice cream in Milwaukee. Is there anything better?

During Saturday's win over the Marlins, Brewers' shortstop Orlando Arcia chased down a fly ball. He didn't catch it, but he did come away with something better when he helped himself to a bite out of ice cream belonging to a fan who was looking the other way.

Sure, you think of beer when you think of Milwaukee, but Arcia knows better.

It's July and the Brew Crew has been a pleasant surprise, maintaining a slim lead for first place in the National League Central. When you're winning, you can get away with stunts like this. If you're in last, fans will wonder why you can't steal bases as easily as you steal snacks.

Of course, Arcia is not the first major leaguer to swipe food from a fan. Don Mattingly infamously took some popcorn while tracking a fly ball back in 1992. Coincidentally, Mattingly now manages the Marlins and was in the opposing dugout when Arcia ate the ice cream. Maybe he can give him some tips for future snack breaks.

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