In today's world it's so easy to shop online. We can have any product shipped directly to our front door without ever leaving the comfort of home. But, is it always the better choice?

With the dominance of websites like Amazon, lots of times it makes more sense to buy items offline, even if what we're buying is available in the local market. We skip the chance to help out our local economy for the sake of convenience.

And, don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of this as well. But, with the exception of price (sometimes) what are we gaining by shopping online? Usually, by the time we've paid shipping fees, whatever we're buying online is just as expensive, if not more, than buying the same item off the shelf at the store down the street.

I know that there are times...many times actually...that the item you're buying online isn't available in the local market, and that's fine. But, my question is, did you just jump online automatically, or did you do the little bit of research to make sure that you couldn't buy it locally?

Alright, I'm done...

Don't forget, Amazon Prime Day is July 11th!

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