Sometimes we get caught up in all the new businesses and restaurants that are opening up all over town. Now it seems we could lose one Lufkin icon and a great Mexican Food Restaurant.

There is a sign up on the front glass door of the Fiesta Mexicana building announcing that their last day of operation will be September 5th, 2021. They also thanked their customers for their support over the years.

It went on to say that the property was sold. The new owner of the property will not be renting out the space to them.

What About The Motel 

Sun-N-Pines Motel is right in the heart of Lufkin at 208 South Timberland Drive. It has been operating since at least the 50's off and on over the years.

There are rumors that famous people have stayed there in the past. It was the nicest motel in town at one time. It is unclear the fate of the Sun-N-Pines Motel at this time.

That could mean that someone else will be stepping in and running the motel. They could demolish the entire thing. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

What Else Is Closing 

There has also been big news that the Lufkin Best Buy is closing. This one hits at the heart of my techy side.

There are rumors about the reasons behind it. The most likely is that their online business is going great, while foot traffic is down in the stores.

I personally have purchased laptops, gaming systems, and more from them since they opened back in the early 2000s. They recently helped me get all my files off of a crashed laptop hard drive.  They will be closed at the the end of October.

Sun-N-Pines And Fiesta Mexicana Closing in Lufkin, Texas

These two different business at the same location in Lufkin, Texas are closing.

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