Imagine you are displaced due to a huge hurricane barreling down on you. It was all so sudden. This time last week you had no idea that we would be here.

Just like in years past the people that have come to our area to stay safe from the storm need our help. Even if they do not express a need, a little kindness goes a long way.

Gordon Henley and the Ellen Trout Zoo always go above and beyond at times like these. They always know the right thing to do.


Due to Hurricane Ida displacing so many people, some of the evacuees have made their way to the Lufkin area. Some staying with friends and family and others staying in hotels in towns all over East Texas.

"Our thoughts are with all affected by Hurricane Ida." said Gordon Henley.  "Simply present your ID from an impacted area to the zoo admission staff and receive free admission."

The Ellen Trout Zoo is located at 402 Zoo Circle in Lufkin, Texas. If you are traveling through the area you are welcome to take a break with the animals.


The Ellen Trout Zoo is no stranger to bad weather. The zoo reopened Monday, March 15, 2021 after being closed for a month after winter storm Uri.

There were so many tree limbs down and things to be repaired. Now just a few months later, you wouldn't even knew it happened.

Last year they closed for the pandemic on March 16th, 2021. They know all about the unexpected and want to bring joy where they can.

Ellen Trout Zoo Reopens



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