The Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau is celebrating 25 years of being housed in the Charles Bright Visitor Center. They are using this anniversary of their time in historic downtown Nacogdoches, by recognizing local businesses. They are looking for individuals and business who have a commitment to service in their community.

This will be awarded every month so you can nominate all your favorites. The Nac CVB is also asking for more than just a few words. You can use pictures, videos too, just email them to

Do you know a Nacogdoches business owner that deserves the recognition? Here's what you should be looking for. They make living in Nacogdoches and our community better. Just walking in their business you know they rock, little things like a cohesive design throughout. The nominated businesses uses creative marketing in our area, and is considered a local destination. 

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Who do you know that fits the bill for these requirements? You can use the link provided below to make your nominations. I already have an idea or two about a few Nacogdoches businesses that fit the bill. I'll keep my opinion to myself, but just wanted to let you know these types of businesses are out there.

Visitors to Nacogdoches make a huge impact on the economy. Having Stephen F. Austin University in the town leads to many people discovering the area. They love coming back, visiting their kids at school, and just seeing what the "Oldest Town In Texas" is all about. This this is an award for businesses and people that make that experience memorable.

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