Do you know what number the Roman Numeral "L" stands for?

Me neither!

And if you know it's 50, good for you.  You're very smart and well-rounded.

The NFL has decided to drop the Roman Numerals for Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco in 2016, because the lonely "L" just doesn't work.

USA Today points out maybe it's time to do away with Roman Numerals completely when it comes to Super Bowls, because they're like cursive writing -- outdated and meaningless these days.  What do you think?

As long as the Cowboys and Texans make it to the Big Game, they can refer to it however they want, right?  Yeah....that's about as likely as a Super Bowl LIX.  Oh wait! That's really on track to happen in eight years.

The plan for the NFL is to drop the Roman numerals for 2016 only, and then go right back to using them the following year.  Stay tuned.