Donald Trump's already tenuous relationship with the press is probably going to get worse after this.

Scotland's Sunday Herald recently published a -- how do we put this? -- sarcastic? clever? unnecessarily mean? -- preview of Friday's inauguration for President-elect Trump in its television listings that made reference to the classic sci-fi show The Twilight Zone. However you view it, it's certainly memorable and quickly went viral.

When you consider Trump's vitriol towards "fake news" and how he feels the media is not necessarily on his side, you can only imagine how well this will go over. You also have to wonder what Rod Serling would think.

The inauguration has been a hot button issue in recent weeks, while a Trump presidency itself has been a global conversation (not to mention a chance to make some money). One thing is sure. Whenever Trump's name gets associated with something or someone these days, it generally boosts his profile (see: John Lewis), so we wouldn't be surprised to find out ratings for Twilight Zone reruns have gone through the roof.

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