Changes, Updates, call it what you will, Whataburger "Shakes" things up again in the area with online ordering. If you frequent this purely southern restaurant on the regular, you could use the app to save some time. The rollout has started here in East Texas and is ongoing all over the states that have Whataburger.  Further South in Texas they have only had it for a few months.


We are truly gifted to even have Whataburger. My cousins up north have to be picked up from the airport with bags of burgers in hand. But all things must change. Now with the app, I can order their food in advance. Soft launch in East Texas has already started, with people in South Texas already enjoying a full rollout.

Online ordering will let you customize and save your favorite orders inside the Whataburger app. If you always order the same thing, that would be super helpful. It also helps you earn free food every five visits and keeps track of it all.  You can download the Whataburger App from the App Store or Google Play. Now I wonder if I can just roll up and run inside to pick it up.

This is all subject to change, and is still in the testing phase, but I think it is a major upgrade for our hometown Whataburgers. We have a KFox App. You can order songs from it today.


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