A new traffic signal for US 69 at FM326 North was just approved by TxDot. This location has always been flooded with trucks, and is the old Buck Creek site entrance. if you have ever traveled this way, you know that it is needed. This is a growing area for Lufkin, and this is just the start of the work that will soon be done in the area due to the industry popping up in the area.

There are a lot of log trucks that are always sitting there waiting to turn into FM326. This project is going to cost the state over $100,000 to keep us safe. But it could be to keep the trucks coming into the facility. There has been no timeline assigned to this project yet. The traffic study was done by one of the businesses on that route.

As with most of the quick progress in our area, it is fueled by dollars. I have a feeling that there are some places that have a lot of accidents, that are waiting for a signal. I wonder which one will get put in first.



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