While Kelly Miller Circus still supports circus with exotic animals, they have chosen to be exotic animal free this year. You can go to the circus and get funny clowns, stunts, defying acts, that you can't find anywhere else, with your family. They are coming to the Lufkin VFW this Thursday 7pm and Friday 5pm and 7:30pm, April 4th and 5th .

This show looks like something special, and a Ringmaster eating and blowing fire is different than the norm. The performers are the focus and they seem to have a lot to offer. You can buy tickets, and get more information if you CLICK HERE. The Kelly Miller Circus has family friendly pricing, and there is even a printable 5 dollar coupon.

The Kelly Miller Circus Will Be Live At 1800 Ford Chapel Rd. – At The VFW Post 1836 In Lufkin, TX. I like the fact that they are animal free. Some people have objections about performing exotic animals in captivity, and those objections have proven valid in the past. So this way you can enjoy the show without the guilt, and keep the wonder, amazement, and excitement.

There have been lots of circuses and carnivals in the area in the past few weeks, this is the first one that offers something different.





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