Ahead of Sunday's big football game, New York University PhD candidate, Sean Taylor, has published a new map based on Facebook figures that show a surprising social and geographical breakdown of NFL fansThe map is color-coded to show which states love which teams. 

Not so surprising, is the fact that Texas is predominantly blue and loves its Cowboys.   There is a pocket of red around Houston though, that lives and breathes Texans. 

The map shows the Cowboys are one of the dominant teams across the US, not just in Texas.  You can find fans of the Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers, and Green Bay Packers in just about any state.  And Cowboy fans are the dominant ones in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, and Utah. 

The Cowboys may not be able to get to the playoffs right now, but the franchise is worth $2.1 billion, according the latest numbers, and the team has more fans than any other.  At least that much can make Jerry Jones smile.