Darn that broken clavicle!  The Cowboys season might have been so much different if it weren't for that unfortunate tackle in September that broke Romo's shoulder bone and sent the Cowboys into a 7-loss spiral.

Romo came back Sunday and the Cowboys beat the Dolphins.  Now what?

The Cowboys looked more like their old selves on Sunday in the 24-14 win in Miami, and Romo seemed to give the team zip and pizzazz that had been missing for two months.  On to the next game.

The Cowboys always win on Thanksgiving day right?  Ok no.  But they always play on Thanksgiving day at 3:30, and this Thursday's game is against the Carolina Panthers, a team that's 10-0 and unstoppable so far.  But streaks end, and maybe having Romo back is what the Cowboys need to bust the Panthers undefeated streak.

While we're eating the 3500-calorie meal on Thursday, here's the complete lineup of NFL games:

Eagles at the Lions

Panthers at the Cowboys

Bears at the Packers

It's a pretty sure bet that the green bean casserole with the french-fried onions will show up at your feast on Thursday.  Cowboys' fans are hoping and Eagles loss and a Cowboys' win is just as certain.

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