A few years ago, as my mother was getting weaker and weaker due to her cancer treatments and mild dementia, I still vividly remember her thinking about the welfare of others above herself.
When I would take her for treatments in Houston, and there was an empty parking space designated for those with a handicapped sticker, she would direct me to park elsewhere. Even though she had a handicapped sticker and walking long distances for her was a struggle, my mom still insisted that there were others that were more in need of a closer parking spot.
Maybe that's where I got my attitude when it comes to those who illegally and/or immorally park in handicapped parking spaces. What is immorally, yet legally parking? That's when you have the appropriate sticker, but the person it is intended for is not in the car...and you still park in disabled parking.
So, I was very pleased to see a post on the Nacogdoches Police Department's Facebook Page that their Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) continues to assist officers with enforcing violations of handicapped parking within the City of Nacogdoches.
The CERT Team is comprised of civilian non-paid employees of the police department that have specialized training in assisting with emergency and non-emergency situations.
This program was implemented utilizing the CERT Team to help those individuals who need handicapped parking spaces but cannot find one due to someone illegally parking there. The goal of this directive is to decrease the number of handicap parking violators through enforcement and educating the general public.

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