According to a release from the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office (NCSO), a Nacogdoches man was arrested Wednesday afternoon at the Sheriff’s Office after impersonating a police officer. Sheriff Jason Bridges advised that he was notified by office staff that there was a man in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office that had identified himself as a Texas Ranger and was asking to speak with the Sheriff.

Sheriff Bridges made contact with the man and observed that he had a Glock pistol on his side in a holster but was not displaying any type of badge. Sheriff Bridges did not recognize the subject who was posing as a peace officer.

Upon contact with the subject, he stated that he wanted his weapon back that the Sheriff’s Office had seized previously. Sheriff Bridges continued to speak with him. The subject was adamant that he was a Texas Ranger and was employed with the Texas Department of Public Safety as a peace officer.  The subject had no credentials upon him verifying he was a peace officer and a quick check of his name revealed that he was not.

The suspect was identified as Ford Cummings, 39, from Nacogdoches. Sheriff Bridges disarmed Cummings who was carrying a loaded .40 caliber pistol on his side. Cummings was taken into custody and booked into the Nacogdoches County Jail for Impersonating a Public Servant a 3rd  degree felony.

Cummings was arrested in 2012 by Sheriff Deputies when he entered the lobby of the jail carrying a loaded firearm on his side and claimed he was with the DEA. Cummings was requesting the jail to release a prisoner to him at that time.

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