Most folks know about B.A.C.A. or Bikers Against Child Abuse. Motorcyclists work together raise money, awareness, and even go so far as to protect children in abusive homes.

Recently the B.A.C.A. organization held an annual bike ride fundraiser, attempting to raise a minimum of $10,000. According to KTRE, the bike ride was from the Pilot Truck stop parking lot down the road to Lugnutz sports bar & grill.

Larry Nabours, the owner of Lugnutz recently shared the following picture and information to his Facebook page. Check it out.

LugNutz via Facebook
LugNutz via Facebook

Fact checked this before posting. A couple was driving by and saw our sign "BACA Benefit Today". Wife says "Let's to turn around and see what that's all about"! They come in and ask "Who's in charge and what is BACA"? We tell em Wayne Wolf Bertrand Jr. is in charge and BACA is "Bikers Against Child Abuse". They ask "What is your goal?" . He says 'We hope to raise $10,000". THEY WROTE A CHECK FOR $10,000!!!!!!!!!!!! - Larry Nabours via Facebook

Can you believe it? This post has been shared over 400 times, and has restored faith in humanity among many that have seen it. It's unclear who this anonymous couple is, but it's clear that there are angels among us.

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