You know the old expression "asleep at the wheel?" Well, here it is.

A man was caught on camera catching some Zs while he rode the Tesla Model S while it ran on Autopilot.

The self-driving car is certainly no secret and even though animals can operate it (although grandmothers not so much), this is pretty probably not the smartest way to utilize the technology, since machines do break down. Also, how safe would you feel falling asleep in any mode of transportation moving on its own? There's something pretty scary about that.

And good luck trying to explain yourself if you get into an accident. Saying "I was sleeping" is not going to help when dealing with insurance or trying to convince a court the other person you hit was in the wrong. So, much like algebra class, when it was so easy to fall asleep, you'd be wise to stay awake to avoid any fallout.

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