The Ghost Corps officially sanctioned East Texas Ghostbusters franchise will be making appearances at a couple of movie theaters on July 15th for the premiere of the 2016 'Ghostbusters' movie.

We've got the inside scoop on an upcoming meet and greet with the East Texas Ghostbusters because our very own James Stillwell and his wife Cassidy are members.

You can catch the new movie AND get pictures with legit Ghostbusters cosplayers. There's nothing like throwing on a proton pack or slime pack and getting a picture like you're part of the action.

East Texas Ghostbusters will be at the Carmike Cinemas in Tyler Texas from 5 PM to Close (Tailgating earlier as well), and a few of their members will be at the Lufkin theater available for photo opportunities. They will have an entire display made up of movie props, rare collectibles, and even a few things for sale.

Whether you love or hate the new movie when it comes out, there's no denying it will have a big impact on the box office, and what a great way to usher in a new era than with our very own East Texas team mixing a bit of old and new in their look.

We have a few props, such as the iconic proton pack, the goggles, and the PKE meter seen in the original film, and we're constantly working on obtaining or creating props from the other movies as well." -James Stillwell

Apparently their ETXGB crew is made up of over 10 members and they are willing to accept new members every day if you are willing to not only cosplay, but use some of your free time to make appearances at fundraisers, events, and parties.

I've got an interview scheduled with the board members of the team sometime next week, where they'll give us the inside scoop on all their upcoming events and plans to give back to our community. Who ya gonna call?

And speaking of fanboys, the new documentary, "Ghostheads" will be making its way to Netflix on the same day of the official reboot premiere. It chronicles the lives of real life fans who use their love of Ghostbusters to help their communities and have fun along the way.