People have very strong opinions of places to eat around town. So if you were leaving Lufkin for good, what places would you hit up to experience one last time?

You can even think of it this way, if you had a friend coming to town, and they would only come here once, where would you take them out to eat? There are tastes and flavors that you couldn't ever find anywhere else. It has taken me a long time to find these gems, and I am getting a little sad just thinking about this.

1.Chen's China Inn - Okay, I am always here, at least once a week or every two weeks. When they got that buffet the had me, and they play K-Fox over the speakers, so yeah I'm kind of partial.

2.La Unica - You can't get this food anywhere. People that leave always tell me that this is the one thing that they can't live without, I have a feeling that some of this food gets flown around the country in dry ice.

3. Mom's Diner - This local hamburger joint ends up on just about every list I make, there is just something magical about the Mom's Monster. It's the ratio of veggies, and mayo that just has you always coming back.

4. Ray's Drive In - This place has people that don't even live here anymore telling people in their new home towns about it to the point that their friends take a day trip here to try it. I have seen this happen in real life. It's great because it really just hasn't changed since the drive in burger joint heyday in the 50's.

5. Del Rio - Now that it's on the loop its even easier for people coming through town to give it a try. Don't forget to get some ice cream on the way out. This is Tex-Mex.

6. Manhattan - This is fine dining in Lufkin. The food is amazing, there is just something about the way that they prepare all of these amazing Italian dishes.

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