The City of Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department Splash Pads are now open. A great free way to cool off is available at 3 of the Lufkin Parks. You can find them at Chambers Park at 500 Pershing Ave, Kiwanis Park at 1117 South Timberland Drive, and Jones Park on MLK Blvd.

All three of these highly engaging splash pads are perfect for kids. They are open everyday from 10am-8pm. Temperatures will start to climb over the summer and these splash pads will be in high demand.

The Splash Pads are ready during those hours, just waiting for your cue. Just get the kids to push the button and prepare to get wet at Jones and Kiwanis. There is a sensor on the side at Chambers Park, guess they wore the button out.

If you get there right at 10am and it doesn't work, just give it a few, as they are set on timers that might not be set to the second like your phone. If you are there and need assistance you can call 633-0250

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I have seen all of the Splash Pads, and Chambers is the most inviting for me. At Chambers Park as a kid we swam in the very shallow pool they had there all summer long. They filled in that pool, and the Splash Pad there is right where it used to be.

If you live in Lufkin, don't bother with the DIY slip and slides, and hoses. Take advantage of our local parks. The hotter it gets, the more kids you will see.

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