Driving by the Lufkin South Loop Crossing location of Bed, Bath, and Beyond this morning, my biggest fears were confirmed. Our Lufkin location is going out of business. This comes as a surprise, since it wasn't initially on the list that was released back in January of locations that got the axe.

I saw the sign out front that they were having a store closing sale. The sign is also marked with a caveat of "This Location Only" and that means, "It's not us, it's you." They are basically saying "Hey this concept for a store works in lots of places, but not in Lufkin."

The front of the building it mentions that after the sale, they are directing you to their nearest location. That location is in Tyler. Over 84 miles away. That is a long way to go get get some sheets. Moving out of smaller markets like Lufkin is just making more of a case for getting everything from Amazon or Wal-Mart.

I believe that this really opens up the market for a shop somewhere in Lufkin or Nacogdoches that sells this type of item in person. Target, Wal-Mart are among the only places left to buy sheets and towels. T.J. Maxx sometimes has what you want, but the selection is always changing.

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That said I personally have gotten all of my sheets and towels during the pandemic though Amazon. These usually aren't items that you like to purchase without at least seeing in person first, but I did. The more limited our choices, the lower the quality will become.

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