This is an amazing honor, Lufkin's own Mom's Diner will be featured on a statewide syndicated TV show. 

The TV Show "The Texas Bucket List" Is Coming to Mom's Diner tomorrow December 14th, 2017 just in time for lunch. The staff at moms is inviting ever one to come and pack the restaurant and show your support during filming. Plus if you come in during lunch tomorrow during filming and your will get a free drink with your meal. That and you might just get on the TV.

They will be most likely featured on there burger of the week segment. This TV show airs much like "Texas Country Reporter" on TV stations all over the state. They even have affiliates in Nevada, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The show is hosted by its creator, Lone Star Emmy, and Regional Edward R. Murrow Award winning reporter Shane McAuliffe. He will be at Mom's at lunch and will hopefully capture the decadence that is the Mom's Monster.

The show has only been airing for about two years, and they have already made it to Lufkin to try a Mom's Burger. Hopefully while Shane and the rest of his crew are here they will find lots to feature in future segments of the show.



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