If our highs in the 50s and 60s this week are just too warm for ya, you could always book a getaway to to the world famous North Pole and immerse yourself in some ice, snow, and the single digits for awhile. Airbnb has some cabins for rent, and they'll cost you between $129 and $300 per night.

My 9-year old asked the other day why people always say Santa lives at the North Pole, when the actual North Pole is in the middle of the Arctic Ocean and is layered up most of the year with shifting sea ice.  I gave her my slam dunk, go-to answer when I'm not near Google, and that's, "I don't know."

So these cabins are not for rent at that North Pole.  It's North Pole, Alaska.  And it would be a great opportunity to drop a postcard in the mail to your disbelieving relatives and show them the North Pole postmark.  It's for real.

North Pole, Alaska sits about 15 minutes outside of Fairbanks, and it's becoming a big vacation destination.  Airbnb has several cabins for rent, and most of them even have Wifi so you don't have to wait til you get home to post your reindeer pics.  Or moose pics.

Moose Walk Cabin with Aurora Viewing and Wildlife.  Airbnb says Moose Walk Cabin is a fully furnished waterfront log home, and it's a 3 minute drive to North Pole and 15 min to Fairbanks.  And if you think traveling to the North Pole means roughin' it, think again!  It's got a Keurig coffee maker and a recliner, so you can sit there all warm and cozy and watch moose roam up and down the waterfront.  It's $250 per night and sleeps four people.  And it's dark a lot, so you may want to sleep.

North Pole Cabins with Private Entrances.  This sounds like a couples' double date getaway waiting to happen, with private entrances so it's not awkward after a wild night out in Fairbanks.  These North Pole Cabins are nestled into a private, wooded waterfront area, and the reviews say the cabins are cozy and rustic. Wouldn't the "waterfront" be a patch of ice this time of year, and wouldn't every bit of a wilderness adventure be "rustic?"  These cabins are $250 per night if you want to go watch some moose slip and slide on the waterfront.  In the dark.

Alaska Aurora Adventures - Jason's Home.  Airbnb says this one bedroom cabin is "Jason's home," and it's fully set up with a washer and dryer, TV and movies, and it's one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights.  It's only $103 per night, and is one of the most economical cabins for rent in North Pole, AK.  Jason apparently lives close by, and the reviews say he's very helpful when it comes to viewing the famous Aurora lights.  The sun rises this time of year in Alaska at about 10am, and it sets around 3:30pm.  Jason would need to help us get used to that.

The high temp in North Pole, Alaska today is 29, and it dips into the single digits next week, and the overnight lows will hit below zero.  January will be even colder, but if we book a fun trip at least we'll be proving to ourselves that some North Pole magic does happen after Christmas.  Even if it is in the dark.

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