An aspiring rap group from Lufkin is attracting national attention and getting a lot of play on the air and on i-Tunes with several songs and videos.

They're known as Fab 5, and they're all Lufkin High School graduates.  Their manager Marco Morales says in addition to singles that include “Get Off Me Gurl” and “Walkin' Million Dollas,” the group has produced two professional music videos in Lufkin, their most recent at the Angelina County Airport.

Fab 5 has sung together since middle school, but they didn't start getting popular around town till they got to high school.

They got a manager and a recording contract in 2008, after they won a talent show with Open Door Records at the civic center.  Morales says they're now working on two new projects and a much-anticipated album.

via Lufkin rap group gets attention on iTunes, YouTube - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

The group says they hope to be known all over the country and be a  household name within five years.  You can keep up with the Fab 5 on their  website:

via Fab 5 | Official Home of the Fab 5.