In a classic reversal of an all-too-familiar story, a Florida homeowner got the ultimate revenge on Bank of America for ignoring his efforts to get the bank to correct a serious mistake.  He foreclosed on the bank.

This started when Bank of America tried to foreclose on the home of a couple who didn't owe the bank anything.  The case went to court, where the couple won, by showing they paid cash for the house and didn't even have a mortgage.

The Judge ruled the foreclosure was wrongful and ordered Bank of America to pay their legal fees.

So far so good, but when the bank hadn't paid the legal fees after five months of phone calls, emails, and letters from their lawyer, the couple went back to court and won a foreclosure order against the BOA Branch that had made the mistake.

When Sheriff's deputies and movers showed up to remove everyone and everything out of the building, the bank manager finally handed the couple's attorney a check for the legal fees.

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The check is for $2500 dollars.  That's all the couple was asking for.  Bank of America says this whole contretemps was the result of a misunderstanding and an unfortunate series of errors by the bank's lawyers.

If lawyers at one of the largest banks in the country can make a mistake like this, and try to foreclose on people who don't even have a mortgage, the bank should consider hiring better lawyers.