Meanwhile in Lufkin Texas ...

Yep, that's a video of Lufkin's finest having a bit of fun with, what they're saying (joking) was a trespassing call. They saw the humor in the situation, even if dealing with a tub possum wasn't exactly in their jurisdiction.

The black and white video almost make it look like that iconic scene from the movie, "Psycho." I also love how they came up with the hashtag #possumcops. It's all very "Lufkin," and don't come at me telling me it's spelled, "Opossum," because in North America, we like to keep things informal.

Besides, we've got other things to worry about, like crazy rodents breaking into peoples' homes to take impromptu baths. There are a lot of real details they're leaving out of the post, obviously ... Did the caller know they were dealing with a possum, or did they hear scratching and assume a human trespasser was in their bathroom scraping about?

It's a good thing that little varmint didn't play dead, because our boys in blue might have held a funeral for him rather than releasing him back into the wild. It's a happy ending for all involved.

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