Over the past few years, we've seen some pretty awesome growth on the brick streets of downtown Nacogdoches. There is more shopping, dining and stores than have been there in a long time.

However, there are still a few spaces left that still need to be filled. So, as I was driving down there the other day, I was going over possibilities in my head of what could make an appearance - and be successful - downtown.


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    A Billiard Room

    Billiard room, pool hall, whatever you want to call it, I think that it would be a pretty awesome addition downtown. Put in some pool tables, dart boards, jukebox, etc. and draw people downtown in the afternoons/evenings.

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    More Dine-In Restaurants

    So, go with me on this one. You could have Italian food, seafood, or some other type, possibly have limited seating outside the restaurant, in addition to the seating on the inside, and I think it could be a pretty neat venue.

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    I can almost hear the groaning from some of you...but just give it a thought. Bring in an arcade with games, lights, music, and more. It's an attraction that would be unique to the area, considering none of the surrounding towns have one.

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    More groaning, I know...but, think of it this way: housing would be a really cool addition. Yes, I realize there is already some housing in the downtown buildings. However, there could be more, and I think that it would do well. I personally wouldn't mind having an apartment that overlooked Main Street.

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    A Theater

    I realize that SFA has a theater to hold plays and other performances in. I realize that the Lamp-Lite Theater is in Nac for the very same purpose. However, a theater set-up downtown, with space for live performances AND a set-up for movie screenings??? Come on! That sounds awesome!

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