No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Lufkin police are getting tough with local stores  that sell a popular substitute for marijuana known as K2. It's also called "fake pot."'

Lufkin Police Officers raided a local convenience store last week and confiscated dozens of packs of the synthetic "weed", worth more than a thousand dollars.  This came after the federal drug administration banned the sale of the substance on March 1st.

With brightly colored packaging featuring a Pac-Man-like character called “Mr. Nice Guy,” police say “K2” is clearly marketed to young people, and that's one of the reasons for the emergency federal ban.

While the federal ban prohibits selling synthetic marijuana, there's no state law against it. This legal quandary means local police have authority to confiscate the product, but they can't file charges against the seller.

Although “K2” has been around since the early 90s, no one knows much about its effects because almost no research has been done on it.