Last night, 1/30/18 A Lufkin Police Officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a subject. He fled and had several outstanding warrants. Its a bit hard to get your bearings from the video, but they are in the area of Paul street at the beginning, but on the north side of the road. Like the side of the road that Al Meyer Ford is on. Then they went almost the way around. It was around Sayers St. that Constable Tom Selman, this is his dash cam video, deployed spike strips across the loop. This flattened his front tires instantly, and then eventually all of them from the look of the pictures of the Ford Expedition the suspect was driving.

They continue around the loop, with the suspect vehicle driving on flattened tires, then eventually rims. They pass the exit for HWY 103 and then take the HWY 94 exit. It was there that the suspect bailed out on foot, right by the Dairy Queen. Comments on facebook, said that made for an interesting night for the employees there. After a brief foot chase, the start of which can bee seen on the video, he was apprehended. Angelina County Sheriffs Office and The DPS also assisted in the chase.

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