Kids can start planning their strategies now, and make a scary face pancake at IHOP Tuesday, using fruit, candy, and cookies.  This will be fun.  And FREE.

Let the sugar loading begin!

IHOP is giving each kid one free pancake on Tuesday, October 31st from 7am to 10pm at participating locations.

And they'll provide little dishes of extra goodies to help the kids create the perfect scary face before they dig in.  Kids can use Oreos, whipped topping, strawberries, and candy corn to create a scary eyes, nose, and mouth.  Or, if the flapjack face turns out friendly and cute that's probably fine too.  It will all disappear about five minutes later anyway.

Each kiddo gets one pancake, and it's dine-in only on Tuesday.



Hmm....this creates an option I didn't think of before.  Moms and Dads, should we take the kids to IHOP before we go out trick-or-treating and stuff them full of sugar so they won't eat as much Halloween candy?  Oh, forget it.  It's Halloween and every bite all day long should involve something sweet and this might be the perfect way to prove we're throwin' in the towel.

Happy Halloween, and we'll watch for your best pancake pics on social media.

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