In Texas we have seen first hand what happens when you don't have a generator. Your power could go out for hours. If it's not a car hitting a pole, it's an epic event of mother nature.

The deep freeze this past winter made another round of believers in the usefulness of generators that run your home. What seemed extravagant 20 years ago when we got them here, might now be a life or death situation.

Do you have a generator on your home? Count yourself as lucky because the backorder is real.

How Long Should I Have To Wait 

Right now some places are expecting delays of almost 6-7 months from your signature with a dealer/installer to completed job. Why is it taking so long?

This really is the perfect storm of hurricane season, a winter storm knocking out all power in the state, a lingering Covid-19 epidemic, and a resulting chip shortage.

All of these forces combined have teamed up to create delays for every manufacturer of these standby type generators.

What Should You Do

If you're like me, I am sold that I need one. No need to come at me with the heavy sales pitch, I got the message loud and clear. If you are reading this, you did too, and we are not alone.

The best advice I can give is get with a company you trust and sign on the dotted line now. Make your intentions known that you want on that list.

Your local dealers can help you with that, but they can't help the wait times. It's not them, it's the manufacturers at this point. If you find a dealer that tells you that there won't be much of a wait...move on to the next one.

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