A boy showed no fear when he threw a punch at an armed robber during a holdup.

The boy, who has not been unidentified and is described as being in elementary school, was in a GameStop in Silver Spring, Mary. last week when two men, with guns in tow, came in while the child and his parents were inside shopping for a Yoshi doll.

The suspects, who have yet to be apprehended, demanded the parents go down to the ground. At that point, the dad asked for his son, who walked up to one of the goons and fired a pair of punches at him with one hand while he held a Yoshi doll in the other.

The man instructed the boy to go to his parents, bringing a few seconds of relief to the father:

I’m just grateful we were together, as a family, at that moment. It was a terrifying situation. You just want to grab them and hold them tight to you, and you want it to end, quickly."

About a minute later, the robbers left with cash. No one was hurt.

The boy received the Yoshi doll for free after the incident.

Take a longer look at what transpired below:

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