There are still some rules that have to be worked out, but Texas has started preparing to license dispensaries to sell some low-risk cannabis product legally.

Last year, Americans spent more on legal pot, than they did on some kinds of potato chips.  No kidding!

The idea behind the legal dispensaries in Texas will be to help people with certain types of seizures like epilepsy, with things like CBD oil, and low-THC products.  Full implementation of the law is a year away, but the state will issue a vendor contract in June and start a registry in July.  Smoking marijuana for medial or recreational purposes is still illegal in Texas, but state lawmakers may also take up that issue in May.

Legal marijuana sales in states like Colorado meant big bucks in 2015.  Overall, $5.4 billion was spent on legal pot sales last year, and that's more than the total spent on Cheetos and Doritos.  You can decide for yourself whether those two stats might be related.  Supporters of legalized marijuana say it's a big economic boost. Opponents worry about health concerns.

Think full-on, legalized marijuana will happen in Texas?  Voters in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and a handful of other states will decide whether to legalize marijuana this fall.

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