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As our state legislature gears up for its next session, there are reports going around about some of the issues our state House and Senate will be tackling.

There are reports of making alcohol to-go permanent, efforts to legalize and regulate the sale and cultivation of cannabis, and now sports betting.

According to reports, a bill is being drafted to bring online sports betting to the Lone Star State. Supposedly, the idea is being supported by several team owners in Texas.

Texas is a little like a brass ring for the gambling industry. Our state has historically taken a very, very staunch anti-gambling stance.There are a lot of companies out there that would love to change that.

The reasons why we're anti-gambling in Texas are always rumored to be everything from our conservative Christian ways to interference from tribal leaders in Oklahoma who want to keep getting our money.

One article did point out that for gambling to become legal in Texas, it would take an amendment to our state constitution; which is no small task.

Still, it would make sense given the news stories we've all seen regarding budget problems thanks to Covid-19. It's no secret that our state has lost out on a lot of money the last year. Could it be possible that this is one way that our state leaders hope to make up those losses?

I'm not holding my breath. While I do think it would be fun to get some friends together to go place bets and watch a game at a sports bar somewhere, I don't think Texas will make it reality.

Every couple of years the issue of sports betting comes up, and it usually winds up going nowhere.

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