Just a few days ago after Election night, we asked the question "What Is Taking Texas So Long To Legalize Marijuana?" after 15 states have now legalized the plant for medicinal and recreational use. Well, looks like somebody was paying attention to our pleas.

According to CBS Austin, Texas Senator-Elect Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat representing State Senate District 19 which is mainly the San Antonio area, announced on Monday his intent to file a bill to legalize marijuana and medical marijuana in the state.

Gutierrez's statement on why he's proposing the bill, sounds pretty close to the reasons we explained in our article last week, it would create a potential BILLION dollar windfall for the state's coffers and create jobs.

"This bill will generate new revenue and create at least 30,000 high paying jobs. Our state’s economic future is uncertain and in order to best serve our state, we have to look at cannabis legalization as a solution and not keep going back to the taxpayers and raise their taxes." - Roland Gutierrez via CBS Austin

Do you think its time for Texas to legalize marijuana and if not, tell us why in the comments!


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