The holiday shopping season kicks off with the unofficial holiday known as "Black Friday." It's a day for giant sales, stressed-out shoppers and the chance to buy things you can buy any other day of the year.

That's the message in this hilarious video from Cracked, which exposes what Black Friday for what it really is. The video is told from the merchants' point of view, reminding us this is nothing more than a made-up event designed to get people away from their families while giving them seemingly good deals on merchandise they can buy any other time.

We're made to feel like this is the only day to buy these goods and that smart shoppers go out and spend, spend, spend on Black Friday to stay ahead of the curve (even though the sales are not as good as we are led to believe).

Worried all the good bargains will be gone by the time you get there? How about 4 a.m.? Or three? Heck, we'll even up our doors at midnight and make it seem like we're giving you an inside track to beat the crowd."

Yes, the advertising makes us feel like we need to get to the store, creating a level of anxiety no one should need to battle during the holidays.

And let's not even get started about the stores that open on Thanksgiving.

Alright, that's enough. We need to get some rest. We have to get up at two, so we can beat the crowds when the stores open at three.

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