Zoo animals, like celebrities, are just like me and you. They have teeth and sometimes they need attention.

This all started with a routine physical examination on Seraphina, the Jaguar at Ellen Trout Zoo. During that exam it was noted that she had a chipped tooth.

Angelina Animal Hospital and interim Zoo Veterinarian, Dr. Lindsay Syler, was able to diagnose the need for a root canal. There aren't a lot of animal dentists in the world, so what do you do?

Local Dentists Donate Their Services To Perform Root Canal On Jaguar In Lufkin

Every animal has different teeth and they all have different ways of keeping them healthy. This was going to require a group effort from dentists from all over East Texas.

According to the Ellen Trout Zoo, Dr. Syler made arrangements with Dr. Kyle King of Jordan Family Dentistry in Lufkin along with Dr. Rusty Dunavant of East Texas Endodontics, who drove in from Longview, to perform the procedure on Seraphina's tooth.

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These dentists usually work on human teeth, so they were going to need some specialized tools for this big job. Dental equipment and custom Jaguar teeth-sized tools were donated by Henry Schein Dental.

Jaguar Doing Fine After Root Canal At Ellen Trout Zoo In Lufkin

The procedure was a success and Seraphina is doing just fine now that it is over. This collaborative effort saved the Jaguar's tooth, while making sure she got the best treatment possible.

A big thanks to all of the dentists involved in this very interesting root canal. Take a look inside at those big chompers they were working on.

What To Do When A Jaguar Has A Tooth Ache

The Ellen Trout Zoo went all out to deliver amazing care to Seraphina.

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